UX/UI Design Internship

Website Redesign, Branding and Marketing Design

Toymail provides a safe, secure way to communicate to your kids from your phone to their “Talkie.” I had the opportunity to contribute to this awesome company, which was featured on Shark Tank, as a UX/UI Design Intern.

Website Redesign

As a UX/UI design intern at Toymail, my biggest project was to redesign the home and shop pages. Normally, my process would involve research, wireframing, and testing before jumping into designing on Sketch, but I worked closely with the CEO to align with Toymail’s rebranding initiative. For this project, I wanted to receive feedback from stakeholders, iterate quickly, and share finalized Sketch files with the development team. With some minor tweaks and adjustments, my designs were were developed and deployed as seen on the Toymail Website.

Main Goals for Home Page Redesign

  • to better promote the Toymail mobile application and its additional features on the homepage
  • to provide explanation on how the product actually works
  • to reduce number of products displayed on homepage
  • to update user interface design to new branding, in regards to color, icons, and whitespace, for consistency

Toymail Hompage Desktop Toymail Hompage Mobile

Main Goals for Shop Page Redesign

  • to improve the shopping page by adding deal bundles and more products
  • to emphasize product reviews and public recognition/awards
  • to include a frequently asked question section
  • to reflect new branding initiative in terms of UI

Toymail Shop Desktop

Branding and Marketing Design

In addition to the updated Toymail website launch, I worked on various marketing material including email campaigns, retargeting ads, and catalogs/brochures.

email designs

email designs

email designs email designs email designs

email designs email designs email designs