Designer - OwnBackup

Website Redesign, Marketing Collateral, Video

Dreamforce, Illustrations & Icons

At OwnBackup, I was the only designer within the company; therefore, I was responsible for the company’s brand consistency in regards to all aspects of design. In addition, I managed the company website and designed updates for improved user experience and SEO, utilizing Hubspot and manual coding. Working in a fast-paced startup environment taught me to successfully wear multiple hats, balance numerous projects, and consistently meet deadlines. With constant collaboration with the CEO and EVP of Marketing, I’ve learned to effectively present and defend my designs decisions while remaining accepting of feedback.

Website Redesign

A big responsibility of mine was to manage and maintain the company website. That entailed planning homepage updates, creating landing pages, updating existing pages with new content, and improving overall site UX/UI and SEO. The website was hosted on Hubspot, a platform I was not familiar with; after a lot of research and practice, I was quickly making new webpages utilizing HTML/CSS and Hubspot Modules.

Pricing Page Redesign

One of my last projects at OwnBackup was to update the pricing page. Pricing pages provide the opportunity to take control of the price conversation and make it easier for prospects to move forward with purchasing. As a result, I felt a little nervous about taking on this project. I only had a couple of weeks to research, design, iterate (with feedback from CEO), and code the final product.

My first step was to sit down with the CEO and get his feedback in terms of layout and content. From there, I listed down important sections and started sketching. After receiving feedback, I created high fidelity wireframes in Adobe XD and collaborated with the Content Team for specific copy. Once the copy and hi-fi mockups were approved, I began coding using HTML/CSS and existing Hubspot modules.

Pricing Page - Above the Fold

  • Removed stock hero image and replace with team photo
  • Added an intro title and provide context for the audience
  • Created overview pricing modules for quick at-a-glance comparisons and prices
  • Emphasized the Unlimited plan by increasing its width

Pricing Page - Compare Plans

  • Used 3 different OwnBackup colors to differentiate each plan
  • Increased the table headers to emphasize the different prices
  • Updated and organized the listed features

Pricing Page - Request a Demo

  • Provided an additional CTA to request a demo or more information

Request A Demo Page

One of OwnBackup’s most visited web pages is the Request a Demo page. We’ve learned through data analysis that prospects that stumble upon this page and see a demo will most likely purchase our product. Therefore, it was an obvious decision to update the user experience of entering this page and requesting a demo. The old design for this page was a simple white form that didn’t have much contrast from the white background. Also, there was no information explaining what OwnBackup is or why a demo would be beneficial.

  • Included Salesforce Backup in title, for better SEO results (discovered through data analysis)
  • Used a photo of a live demo presentation as the hero image
  • Added a yellow background behind the form for more contrast
  • Reduced number of items on the form and personalized submission response
  • Included copy and icons to explain OwnBackup’s core functionalities
  • Explained that OwnBackup is a 5-Star rated Salesforce partner and included a link to customer reviews

After this redesign, the page traffic has increased exponentially and resulted in increased lead generation and demo requests.

Printed Marketing Collateral

GDPR Mini Brochure

With the implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, I created this mini-brochure to help our customers and prospects understand how this regulation would affect them. In addition, these brochures were used to explain OwnBackup’s capabilities and features to help our customers remain compliant. In terms of design and illustration, I wanted to make the brochure playful and fun to combat the complex information. For production, I compared various vendors by price and product quality.

GDPR Mini Brochure

Marketing Collateral

Video Production, Editing, & 2D Animation

GDPR Interview Series

I produced and edited this five part interview series with OwnBackup’s Chief Information Security Officer to answer common questions regarding GDPR. Video editing was done on Adobe Premiere, Lower Third Titles created in Adobe After Effects.

15-Second Video - Join OwnBackup

OwnBackup was awarded one of the Best Places to Work in New Jersey by NJBIZ. I was asked to create a 15-second video showcasing our team, office, and culture. I recorded the audio and edited in Adobe Audition and video editing done in Adobe Premiere.

GDPR Animation

In addition to the GDPR mini-brochures and video interview series, I also created a 2D explainer video regarding OwnBackup’s capabilities for GDPR compliance. Previously, these videos were outsourced to a third-party company, but I wanted to challenge myself by taking on this project. This is the first animation I’ve ever created, so I had to teach myself Adobe After Effects through countless YouTube videos. Although it was very stressful learning a new program while being under a tight deadline and juggling many other projects, I felt very accomplished and pleased with the CEO and EVP of Marketing’s reaction to the final product.

Dreamforce 2018

Dreamforce is an annual user conference hosted by Salesforce that brings together leaders, industry pioneers, and thousands of professionals. For OwnBackup, Dreamforce is the company’s biggest event of the year. As a result, each year the company strives to stand out as a prominent partner within the Salesforce ecosystem. I had the opportunity to help drive the success of this event in terms of art direction of our three booths, 35+ posters/images, custom giveaways, social media assets, event landing pages, and branded print collateral. Preparation for this event was intensive and all-encompassing; however, hearing multiple event goers express that we had the best booth at DF’18 made it all worthwhile.


Character Creation

Owen & Cloudia Backup

A key element of OwnBackup’s brand identity is their Superhero, Owen Backup. I had the awesome opportunity to create Owen and his counterpart, Cloudia. With close collaboration of the executive team and multiple rounds of iterations, below are the final designs of both superheroes. These characters are displayed throughout the OwnBackup website, social media, marketing collateral.


Icons & Illustrations

Icons & Illustrations